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Yes Pierce is my real name on my real birth certificate in the real world signed by a real doctor. At least, I assume he was a real doctor. Or she. Or they. Honestly I was a bit busy at the moment of the birth, do you actually expect me to have asked after the doctor's preferred pronouns, let alone inspect their Certificate of Authenticity?
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Dead leaves and the dirty ground… Autumn is here!

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"The greatest part of any college experience is seeing how far you can make it without trying. Or maybe it’s about learning and mastering something, I don’t know. Whatever. Point is, when I was a whippersnapper like you folks, I’d ride my donkey down to the schoolhouse, and when my old schoolmarm would ask me to do my arithmetics, I’d just copy answers off of Special Jeb. He was hit in the head by a caber at the Highland games when he was a babe and had an uncanny knack for math after that."

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Windows 10 (Enterprise) Beta!

You can change the color of the Theme (note how my Taskbar is green), but for some reason that doesn’t change the color of the Start Menu? I’m hoping that will be fixed later.

The Start Menu, when opened, shows you a new layout—it seems to be a functional cross between the XP and 7 Start Menus with the Win8/8.1 Start Screen thrown in. I think it works really well. It may be a tad bulkier than I like, but it’s far better than what 8.1 had, and I think seeing the news like that is actually pretty cool (and I liked that in Win8, too).

Decided to take a cap of the new virtual desktops that Microsoft final integrated into their OS (like Linux did a long time ago).

You can see that I have 2 desktops open (and there’s the option to add another). The one I’m on, the second one, has the Personalize window open where I was changing my Theme color and background. The Theme color IS transparent, so a bright pink Theme color with the blue background I selected makes a kind of purple—you can also see where the blues change in intensity in my Task Bar, where the colors shift. So its not nearly as glassy as Win7. Not sure if I like that or not. I think I’d prefer a glassier look but this is alright too.

When you hover over the preview of your desktop it will show you the windows/apps you have open in that desktop. So right now I’m hovering over the second desktop and it’s showing me the Personalize window, but if I hovered over my first desktop it would show me the IE11 and MS Paint windows. Kind of neat.

When I first started 10 up it allowed me to customize some settings. In typical installation fashion it gave me the choice of doing an “Express (Recommended)” install. Of course I ignored that and chose the “Custom” install, where I turned Bing OFF for Windows Search (but not for Internet Search because it didn’t give me that option) and turned off some account-based settings (it wanted me to show every program/app/whatever my name and everything else tied to my account. Uuuum no).

Anyway. Windows 10, everyone! I think this one could actually be—gasp!—not total shit!

We’ll see. We’ll seeeeee.


well, i somehow managed to pause the new nintendo advert at just the right moment to make it look like they gave bowser a massive pair of balls


well, i somehow managed to pause the new nintendo advert at just the right moment to make it look like they gave bowser a massive pair of balls